GreatSkin’s New Serum C now Fortified with B,E and Ferulic!

Are you tired of your ho hum face serum? Why not start the New Year right with Greatskin’s new, potent Greatskin Vitamin C(20%), + B+E+Ferulic Serum currently in an introductory offering of just $39.95—-a savings of $20! The scientific compatibility and enhancement that these selected ingredients provide help combat oxidative stress on multiple levels for a deeper more satisfying antioxidant treatment than any one ingredient on its own! You might say that this is the “Queen Bee” of all antioxidant serums! A serum that provides unrivaled antioxidant benefits with actives that work synergistically to boost one another while hydrating, moisturizing and lightening the skin. Try it today and start the New Year right!

Three Great New Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Products

Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Peel Pads


I simply couldn’t live without these things I mention in this blog. When people compliment me on my flawless skin, I say use these every night and you too can have this kind of skin. They are so easy to use. Apply to a cleansed skin, leave on for 2-3 minutes , rinse off. Then, apply your favorite serum  or night cream and day after day, you will see a difference in your skin! They will help minimize pores, clarify, even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They come in two different sizes, the 60 count jar for $45.00 and the 90 count jar for $58.00.


Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Conceal and Brighten

We can’t keep these on the shelf! They fly out of our skin care clinic!

Everybody loves the dual ended formula with anti aging benefits! The “conceal ” end is a creamy formula that covers dark circles and minimizes fine lines, while the “brighten” end is a liquid highlighter that illuminates eyes and cheekbones. It retails for just $35.00.

Peter Thomas Roth  Turbo Face Serum

The most potent solution for pain-free , needle-free results  that gives the appearance of a youthful natural look, not plastic. Turbo charged formula helps diminish the appearance of the 6 most stubborn deep wrinkles: forehead  wrinkles (saw a 94% reduction in the appearance of forehead lines), “Eleven Lines,” saw a 91, Nose Scrunch Creases (saw a 91% reduction in appearance), Parenthesis Line (91% saw a reduction), Marionette lines (79 saw a reduction ), and Pout Lines (94 % saw a reduction). A turbo charged blend of 18 potent anti aging neuropeptides and peptides of 72% includes the original Unwrinkle blend at 23% and now turbo charged with an additional 49%!  Wow! Retails for $150.00 , a lot less than a Botox shot!!


A Few of My Favorite New Things

I absolutely love Peter Thomas Roth’s new Laser Free Resurfacer Serum and Peter Thomas Roth’s FirmX Growth Factor Extreme Neuropeptide Serum! I am using both of these wonderful products  and have notices a marked difference in my skin. Laser Free Resurfacer repairs, resurfaces, regenerates and renews the skin with 33.5% Dragon’s Blood Complex, and extract from the tree Croton lechleri,which has some pretty miraculous healing properties.

In a 4 week consumer study women ages 41-60 applying the product twice daily noted an increase in collagen by 84%, a boost in elastin by 61% and a diminution in lines and wrinkles by 56% . In another study, women using the FirmX Growth Factor Extreme Neuropeptide Serum reported that their face appeared firmer and more youthful looking in just 4 short weeks! The Laser Free Resurfacer comes in a 1 oz container and retails for $75.00, and the FirmX Growth Factor Neuropeptide Serum contains 1 oz and retails for $150.00.  In my estimation, worth every penny!

NeoCutis Lumiere Eye Cream

NeoCutis Lumiere Eye Cream

It’s the closest you can get to “auto fixing” puffiness and dark circles! Few Formulas target both so effectively. NeoCutis Lumiere Eye Cream is a triple threat; hyaluronic acid plumps skin, protein growth factors promote new collagen , and caffeine tightens and restricts blood vessels. This powerful combination, is about the best thing you can do, besides blepharoplasties (eye surgery) for the looks of your peri ocular skin complex!

Summertime Tips for Flawless Skin

Ah, the lazy, hazy days of summer!  After a long, cold winter, how we long for them!  And, all those well planned vacations to lakes, amusement parks, and beaches—-what fun!  Yes, indeed, however, we really do need to guard against serious sun damage that can haunt us for the rest of our lives.    The following are a few tips for keeping our skin feeling refreshed, comfortable, and photo damage-free during these fun filled summer months.


During the summer, our skin can produce more oil, so we might want to think about changing from a cream cleanser to a gel cleanser like Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing gel  and changing from a regular moisturizer to an oil free one like DCL Ultra Light Hydrator .  Feeling hot and sluggish in the summer heat?  Keep a  purse size LaRoche Posay Thermal Spring Water  handy for spritzing  your face and body with a  fine mist that not only refreshes but softens and soothes the skin as well .

And, most importantly, use a broad spectrum sunscreen on both your face and your body like LaRoche Posay Anthelios SPF60 Ultra Light Fluid for Face which will leave a matte finish and never feel greasy or heavy and LaRoche Posay Anthelios SPF 45 Ultra Light Fluid for Body, the first of its kind .  Let’s not forget to always use a Vitamin C Serum right after cleansing and toning for added photo protection like Greatskin 25% C Serum .


This is the season for waxing, so don’t forget to apply Tend Skin immediately after the waxing process to reduce the appearance of those ugly razor bumps and skin redness that waxing can cause. The hot summer temperatures make us feel “prickly” enough without adding to it.  Tend skin cause a mild exfoliation leaving your skin looking “baby smooth” and helps remove rough skin build up.  Try applying it to your face daily.  Your skin will glow and people will notice.  The product works quickly and you will notice results within 24 hours.  Caution:  if you are allergic to aspirin, do not use.


If you are planning a trip, be sure to bring along the perfect travel kit. Bioelements Travel Light Kit which comes in Very Dry/Dry, Combination, and Very Oily/Oily  and contains generous skin type specific of everything needed (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, exfoliant, and night cream) to last beyond a long weekend away.  Ideal for the effortless getaway with flight friendly sizes!


However, if you forgot your sunscreen, and you develop sunburn, try Dermalogica’s After Sun Repair  which helps repair damage from over exposure to UV sunlight and instantly helps reduce irritation, redness, and discomfort.


Once the summer days are over and you start to notice sun damage in the form of pigmentation on your pretty face, then, it’s time to get your glow back!  I would recommend Peter Thomas Roth Peel Pads 60 starting off three times a week working up to every night.  These peel pads are loaded with alpha, beta, and gamma exfoliators, peptides, amino acids, and anti oxidants in a 20%  complex..  Believe me; you might even think that these little gems are professional from your derm’s office.  They minimize pores, clarify skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and correct uneven skin tone. Ideal for face, neck, décolleté, top of hands, elbows and knees. Apply, leave on 2-3 minutes, then, rinse off.  Simple as that!   Follow this with an application of Peter Thomas Roth Radiance Oxygenating Mask  which will brighten, hydrate, oxygenate and give a visibly refined appearance with a pretty rosy glow!  Apply with a little mask brush, leave on a full 15 minutes, then, rinse off.  Repeat three times and week.   You will find this mask to be the most fun mask you’ll ever use with the most optimal results!  Just wait and see!  Follow with an application of Peter Thomas Roth Radiance Oxygenating Serum  which will even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles giving the overall appearance of healthy, younger looking skin. This serum can be applied day or night under moisturizer.

Lastly, start using a lightening crème like Neostrata Bionic Lightening Crème SPF15 which is a highly effective 2% hydroquinone based crème which lightens discolorations.  The lactobionic acids in the crème provides anti oxidant benefits and help prevent new spots from developing, and the broad spectrum sun protection helps protect against additional sun exposure which can trigger hyperpigmentation.  As a licensed esthetician, I have had a lot of great results from these particular products with my clients!  Hope that you will have great results, too!

Start your day with a Radiant Complexion

Exuviance SkinRise Bionic Tonic

Start your day by revealing a radiant complexion with , enhance the clarity of your skin, improve the firmness and smoothness of your skin with Exuviance SkinRise Bionic Tonic. This powerful toning, moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging product will awaken your skin, spirit and senses. It works to reveal a healthy, radiant complexion, with enhanced clarity, smoothness and a youthful glow. Contains vitamins A, C and E and green tea extracts to help protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals and harmful environmental factors. For stressed skin, use in place of your daily toner. Packaged in 36 convenient single use pads. Ideal for all skin types.

The importance of Serums in Keeping Your Skin Looking Younger

What is a Serum and why is it so important for skin care?

A serum, is a silky, only slightly viscous, highly effective blend of products that is stronger and more potent than a moisturizer. It is also better able to maximize penetration into the dermis.

Before applying a serum,however make sure that the skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated. Removing the protective dead layer, the stratum corneum, through daily Glycolic Pad exfoliation, will result in much better penetration of the ingredients in the serum into the dermis, where stimulation of living cells with serums really counts.

I’ve been a Vitamin C advocate for many years; I would not leave the house in the morning without the product as my first layer after cleansing and toning. Vitamin C serum is not only a dermal growth stimulant, but a powerful  UVA/UVB absorbing substance that will actually prevent sunburn and erythema from occurring, but will also HEAL an ailing sunburn freshly acquired! These properties were proven by early studies with Vitamin C therapy on piglet skin undergoing chemical and photo damage under lab conditions.(By SkinCeuticals!)

GreatSkin has custom engineered two different,  highly potent Vitamin C products to be used daily. GreatSkin C+25 is 25% PURE  l-ascorbic acid (the pharmacologically active levorotary form (“l”) of ascorbic acid.)It is the absolute highest concentration of Vitamin C in any product now on the market.  It is very low pH and may sting freshly shaved skin for just a minute.(Indicating is low pH required for stabilization of the C in liquid form)  Our second Vitamin C Serum, is the Vitamin C ester of L Ascorbic acid, another powerful molecule with tremendous penetration into the dermis shown by many clinical tests with tissue biopsies. In addition, the Ester form of L Ascorbic acid can be mixed with other powerful antioxidants like pycnogenol (a polyphenolic compound from Pine bark extract), Grape seed extract (where resveratrol comes from).

Before bedtime. and after cleansing and exfoliating the skin with either mechanical exfoliation (GreatSkin Microdermabrasion Cream) or glycolic exfoliation, apply an anti-aging, hydrating , or lightening serum. There are many pharmacologically active ingredients in various serums that can be used to enhance your appearance. Try GreatSkin’s All-in-One Scalpeless Facelifting Serum with DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, l-Carnitine,Retinol, Co Q-10, Grapeseed Extract, Pycnogenol and much more! GreatSkin also makes Red Tea Extract Serum from the powerful antioxidant RoibusTree in Africa. For ultimate hydration try GreatSkin’s 100% Pure Hyaluronic Acid for the face ( a natural viscous substance with humectant qualities, pulls water from the air and delivers to the skin) For whitening and bleaching pigmentation and age spots, try GreatSkin’s Whitening Serum with alpha Arbutin, Melanostatine 5 and Tyrostat plus Hyaluronic acid for added hydration and natural bleaching with melanin production blocking peptides. One of our absolute best and most beloved products is the GreatSkin ATX (Formerly BTX, for Botox, which the FDA required us to change the name!)Double Action Serum, which really smooths the skin through the use of anti-aging neurotransmitter peptides: A unique anti-wrinkle hexapeptide that effectively reduces the depth of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and prevents apparent skin aging by inhibiting the contraction of neurotransmitters that cause repeated movements of the facial expression muscles, in combinations with skin plumping through hyaluronic acid (*skin humectant) and skin tightening with Seaweed Extract. This was GreatSkin’s original BTX serum (Botox-Like Serum), with the name changed as per the FDA’s recommendations.

Another of our Famous Serums is the GreatSkin Youth Serum, which actually has human growth factors (not HGH) included: Reverse the signs of aging with this unique and effective formula. HGF Youth Serum contains the scientifically-proven active Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2, a peptide derived from the youth hormone. This highly purified ingredient compensates for the natural loss of our thymic factors related to the decline of the thymus with age. By reinforcing the skin’s immune defenses and boosting the epidermal regeneration, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2 is ‘The’ approach to combat aging. It is also nutrient-rich in Seaweed Extract and Hyaluronic Acid. Hydrates skin, Regenerates epidermal tissue, Boosts skin’s immune system

So, there you have it…a serum for each day of the week! Wear these right after cleansing , toning and exfoliating.