New FDA Rules for Sunscreen Labeling

Starting this summer (2012), sunscreen makers will have to follow new FDA rules for the language that appears on labels, so, watch out for the following key words:


Broad Spectrum Protection

Sunscreen with SPF15 and higher will protect against both aging UVA rays and UVB burning. rays.  SPF, formerly known as sunburn protection factor is now known as sun protection factor.


Only products with SPF15 or higher can now claim to help prevent skin cancer.  Products which so not meet this standard can only claim to prevent sunburn.

Water Resistant

Since no formulas are actually impervious to water or sweat,” water resistant” will now replace “water proof”.  In order for a product to earn this distinction,  the product needs to withstand either 40 minutes or 80 minutes of water exposure.

I highly recommend the following products:

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LaRoche Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Ultra Light Fluid

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