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Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories

Since 1980, Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories (DCL) has provided physicians with the highest quality non-prescription skin and hair formulations for direct dispensing. With some of the most knowledgeable minds in the dermatological world working on these groundbreaking formulas, you can get the most powerful DCL products without a prescription. GreatSkin is proud to carry the best face moisturizer, skin lightening cream, acne cream, and hair care products from Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories, and offer it to you at the best prices.

Here at GreatSkin, we want to provide you with the best face moisturizer for your particular skin care needs. We understand that everybody has their own special needs, which is exactly why we carry special serums and creams from DCL that can make anybody’s skin look excellent.

Based in East Haven, CT, DCL has made its mark in the dermatological community by creating state-of-the-art products using only the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients, for not only skin care, but hair care as well. From skin lightening cream, to make up remover, to sun protection creams, DCL can make your skin look the best it can be.

-Please note that DCL has raised many of their required retail prices-

Peel Systems:
DC-136 Glycolic Rejuvenation Peel System DC-133 Daily Moisture SPF 15, 3.5 oz
DC-153 Multi-Action Refining Peel System DC-119 Facial Hydrating Cream, 3.5 oz
Anti-Aging Systems:
DC-121 Light Textured Moisturizer
DC-014 Balancing Cleanser, 4 oz DC-131 Ultra Light Hydrator, 3.5 oz
DC-015 Eye Refining Matrix Masks:
DC-016 Skin Renewal Complex DC-031 Clay Mint Mask, 2.5 oz
DC-018 Vitamin Infusion Serum DC-032 Hydrating Treatment Mask, 3.5 oz
DC-036 Hydrating Serum Treatments:
Acne Healing Systems:
DC-141 Skin Brightening Complexion Treatment
DC-134 Acne Healing System 5 Piece Kit DC-139 Peptide Plus Treatment Serum
DC-117 Active Cleanser, 4 oz DC-146 YQ Stratum
DC-143 Clearing Hydrator DC-150 Quick Recovery Post Treatment Cream, 3.5 oz
DC-142 Nighttime Treatment DC-151 Quick Recovery Post-Treatment Cream, 1 oz
DC-144 Spot Therapy DC-149 Multi-Action Penta Peel, 50 pads
DC-113 Alpha Beta Acne Gel, 4 oz
DC-123 Non-Drying Cleansing Lotion DC-125 Profoundly Effective A, 2.5 oz
DC-132 Wash-Off Cleansing Lotion, 8 oz AHA Treatments:
DC-115 B Prox 10 Wash, 8 oz DC-152 Glycolic Acid Pads 10%
DC-116 Beta Hydroxy Acne Cleanser DC-102 Glycolic Acid Pads 20%
DC-105 AHA Revitalizing Cleanser 4 DC-103 AHA Lightening Gel, 1 oz
DC-335 Neutralizing Cleansing Bar DC-108 AHA Revitalizing Gel 15, 4 oz
DC-138 Makeup Remover, 4 oz DC-107 AHA Revitalizing Gel 20
DC-109 AHA Revitalizing Lotion 10
DC-035 Skin Freshener, 8 oz DC-111 AHA Revitalizing Lotion 15
DC-104 AHA Oily Skin Solution 8 DC-110 AHA Revitalizing Lotion 20
Eye Care:
DC-147 AHA Revitalizing Cream 8
DC-137 Peptide Plus Eye Treatment DC-148 AHA Revitalizing Cream 15
DC-128 Super Rich Eye Cream, 0.5 oz
Body Moisturizing:
DC-106 Revitalizing Eye Cream, 0.5 oz DC-034 Dry Skin Hand & Body Lotion, 8 oz
DC-019 Ultra Gentle Eye Cream, 0.5 oz DC-004 High Potency Body Lotion, 8 oz
DC-126 AHA Revitalizing Cream 20 DC-334 AHA Revitalizing Lotion 15, 8oz
Sun Protection:
DC-027 Hydro-Lipid Body Oil, 8 oz
DC-140 Super Sheer Sunscreen SPF 50+ DC-002 Anti-Aging Hand Repair, 2.5 oz
DC-122 Chemfree Superblock SPF 30 Body Medicated:
DC-033 Essential Skin Protection 30+ DC-001 Tar Bath Oil, 8 oz
DC-145 Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF 25 "C" Scape:
DC-118 Quick Dry Sunscreen SPF 15 DC-129 High Potency C Scape Serum 25
Hair: DC-101 C Scape Serum
DC-003 T-Shampoo, 12 oz DC-156 "C" Scape Eye Cream, 0.5 oz
DC-012 Zoma Shampoo, 12 oz
DC-127 Salicylic Acid Shampoo, 12 oz
DC-029 Strengthening Shampoo, 12 oz
DC-028 Strengthening Conditioner, 12 oz

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· DC-126 AHA Revitalizing Cream 20

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GreatSkin Has the Latest and Best Facial Skin Care Products

Great products and great prices is what customers find at GreatSkin. Whether you are looking for the best products in general facial skin care or in anti-aging skin care, we carry the best and latest products in the rapidly changing world of skin care products. Not only do we have a wide selection, we give you the best prices through our exclusive deals with manufacturers that allow us to give deep discounts, along with our customer rewards program.

With more than 1,000 products in our inventory, you'll be sure to find the facial skin care product that best suits your needs. Choose from alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidants, cleansers, toners, treatments for acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and other skin problems along with treatments for fine lines and wrinkles and a host of anti-aging skin care products.

Choose from among with world's best skin product manufacturers, including TX Systems, Gunilla of Sweden, LaRoche-Posay, BioElements and many more. Our proprietary Greatskin product line features the latest formulations that help keep your skin looking great no matter what your age.

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